D.R. Tucker

The Damage Done: A Media Addiction

If, as they say, God only looks after children and fools, the Almighty must be having one hell of a time dealing with the childlike reasoning of those who voted for Donald Trump. Consider the pretzel logic of recent USA Today guest columnist Melody Forbes: I voted for Donald Trump because I wanted to see… Read more »

The Enemy One Cannot Negotiate With

Back in November, I noted that former Secretary of State John Kerry has been promoted as a potential candidate to challenge Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker, and that Setti Warren, a former aide to Kerry who is now the mayor of Newton, Massachusetts, is also contemplating a challenge to Baker. Warren is regarded as having… Read more »

Is the DNC Chair Race Becoming A Disgrace?

Just as it’s dishonest for apparent supporters of Democratic National Committee chairmanship candidate Keith Ellison to smear fellow candidate Tom Perez as a toady of the “establishment,” it’s equally dishonest for apparent supporters of Perez to demonize Ellison as some crypto-anti-Semite. The pro-Perez folks keep dredging up Ellison’s history with Nation of Islam leader Louis… Read more »

A Worsening Political Climate

Sometimes, you just have to appreciate the small things. Ten years ago Monday, George W. Bush–you know, the last Republican to slide into the Oval Office without winning the popular vote–delivered his second-to-last State of the Union Address, and for the first time in a Bush SOTU speech, he acknowledged the reality of a problem… Read more »