D.R. Tucker

Yes, We Will Replace ‘Em

Lunatic fringe In the twilight’s last gleaming This is open season But you won’t get too far Because you gotta blame someone For your own confusion We’re on guard this time Against your final solution –Red Rider, “Lunatic Fringe,” 1981 If they think we’re going to let Heather Heyer’s death be in vain, they’re out… Read more »

After Charlottesville, A Time for Choosing

C’mon everybody This is your life I’m talking about a revolution We gotta organize We don’t need no segregation We don’t need no race New age revelation? I think we got a case –Prince, “Sexuality,” 1981 You know who you are. Not the white nationalists, the all-wrong “alt-right,” the folks who want to make America… Read more »

Republican Who Wishes to Unseat Warren Declares: I’m Not A Wingnut! Honest!

Oh, what a tangled web Trumpists weave when first they practice to deceive… Apparently, it has dawned upon the far-right Elizabeth-Warren-sucks crowd that taking Breitbart to heart won’t be enough to unseat the Massachusetts Senator in 2018. To that end, her expected Republican opponent, Trump disciple Geoff Diehl, is now trying another time-honored Republican tradition:… Read more »