David Atkins

Macron Wins! Now Comes the Hard Part.

Emmanuel Macron’s overwhelming win over Marine LePen in France today was a victory of tolerance, human decency and a positive future for Europe. LePen’s brand of ugly nativist neo-fascism was so badly rejected again that LePen is moving to rebrand and change the name of the Front National. Attempts by foreign agents to sway the… Read more »

AHCA Paints Republicans Into a Hard Corner

One challenge with writing on the weekend is that much of the biggest news during the week has already been beaten half to death and all the good takes already written. So it is with the Republicans’ passage of the horrendous AHCA earlier this week. The bill is so stupendously bad, and the Republican celebrations… Read more »

Kushner’s Insane Chinese Corruption

I know we’re not supposed to play the “what if a Democrat had done this” game, but sometimes the open corruption of the Trump Administration and the Trump family makes you want to scream. Look at this, and try to imagine the reaction if Chelsea Clinton’s hedge fund husband were making special Visa offers to… Read more »