WHEN DO WE GET TO DECLARE VICTORY AND GO HOME?….David Frum thinks we liberals are attaching too many conditions to declaring victory in the war against Iraq:

The allies win ONLY IF they (1) overthrow the Saddam Hussein regime and (2) find Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and (3) do so with minimal casualties and (4) also with minimal Iraqi casualties while (5) being hailed and welcomed by the Iraqi population and (6) without upsetting Arab public opinion too much also (7) without irritating the European allies too much and now (8) without any alterations of their original plan.

OK, I’m willing skip point #8, but the first seven seem pretty reasonable, don’t they? In fact, except for the part about not annoying Europe ? where the plan actually seems to be to cause as much annoyance as possible ? these conditions all seem to be pretty much part of the grand Cheney/Rumsfeld/neocon plan. I don’t think we liberals had anything to do with it.

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