FUN WITH TAXES….I’m about to drop off our taxes at the post office, but before I stuffed the forms in their respective envelopes I decided to add everything up and see how much we paid this year. If my arithmetic is reliable, the combination of payroll taxes and federal income tax that we paid amounted to 33% of our income. (Add in state income tax and it comes to 39%.)

So I forget: as a liberal, am I supposed to think this is too high or too low? And why do I suspect that I’m actually paying a higher percentage of taxes than the millionaires are?

Oh yeah, it’s because I am.

Now, God knows that I don’t mind paying my fair share of our war in Iraq, and I surely don’t want to be accused of class warfare, but don’t you suppose that the rich ought to pay at least as much as the well-off-but-not-rich (like me) and perhaps just a tad more than two percentage points higher than the average schmoe?

Nah, I guess not. That’s why we need to cut dividend taxes. We’re taxing the rich too highly, destroying their incentive to start new dotcoms. It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes.

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