A LIBERAL LEXICON….Everybody always complains about the other side using broad brushes against their own side, stuff like “Liberals think that….” or “Liberals just want to….” The question is, what do people really have in mind when they say “liberals”? It could be any of the following:

  • Democrats

  • The university professoriate

  • Op-ed writer types

  • Actual high ranking politicians

  • Atrios

  • Hollywood stars

  • Indymedia/Democratic Underground denizens

  • Greens

  • Lefty bloggers

  • Anyone to the left of Douglas MacArthur

So when you get into a discussion that goes something like this:

OTHER GUY: I hate liberals, they just want to [fill in the blank]….

YOU: What liberals are you talking about? Nobody I know supports [blank].

Just replace “liberal” in those two sentences with choices from the list above. It will make the whole conversation go a lot easier.