COUP PLANNING….Chris Kelly of Needlenose sends along this link to a story in the Financial Times about problems getting the Oil Ministry back up and running. Everyone’s confused, but the best line comes from the former director general:

He lamented the whole US approach to dealing with post-war Iraq. “We have a lot of experience with coups d’etat and this one is the worst,” he said. “Any colonel in the Iraqi army will tell you that when he does a coup he goes to the broadcasting station with five announcements.

“The first one is long live this, down with that. The second one is your new government is this and that. The third is the list of the people to go on retirement. The fourth one, every other official is to report back to work tomorrow morning. The fifth is the curfew.”

This is usually done within one hour, he added. “Now we are waiting more than a week and still we hear nothing from them.”

Damn Bushies, can’t even run a coup properly….

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