IS SULLIVAN GOING TO EXPLODE SOON?….While I was wandering around over at Andy’s site, I also came across this post about Bill Bennett:

But when, of course, was the last time Bill Bennett defended anyone’s privacy? Hasn’t he spent a career arguing that privacy should be foregone for the public good? Doesn’t he believe that all private activities are dependent for their morality and legality on their effects on society as a whole?

Obviously, then, Sullivan gets it. Liberals aren’t going after Bennett because he gambles, they’re going after him because he’s spent a lifetime giving preachy reactionary lectures about other people’s vices, while somehow always avoiding his own.

So why then is he carrying water for the home team, arguing that Bennett’s privacy should be respected? Bennett should be allowed to loudly condemn hypocrisy in all its myriad forms, but the rest of us should be such sterling folk that we don’t call him on it when we discover he’s guilty of it himself? I suppose that’s admirable in a Christian sort of way, but it’s not really a very practical approach to modern politics, is it?

All sniping aside, Sullivan must be a very peculiar guy. He thinks Bush’s economic program stinks, he knows that the social conservatives that populate the Republican party basically hate him, and yet he somehow managed to put all that aside in his fervor to invade Iraq. Surely his head is going to explode sometime soon?

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