24 FINALE….Hey, how about that season finale of 24?

Kinda disappointing, actually. They just left too many loose ends for the last episode, I think, and couldn’t tie them all down in a single hour.

Still, gotta give them credit. Ten minutes after David Palmer told his cabinet that he wasn’t going to hold a grudge over their ousting him from the presidency because “it’s not a mistake you’re likely to make again,” he keels over, obviously forcing his VP (in next season’s first episode, natch) to do exactly that. Very droll indeed.

(And how about some help from the law profs here? Near the end of the episode the VP “repeals” his decision and puts David Palmer back in charge. Granted, they’ve played sort of fast and loose with the 25th Amendment already, but there’s nothing in the amendment that allows him to do that, is there? The president is required to send a declaration to Congress that he’s fit to serve. So what’s up? Jeff?)

Anyway, the final episode of 24 is now history, Survivor is over, and The Bachelor has made his choice, which means there’s nothing left except the bleak prospect of a long, dreary, TV-less summer. What shall we do to amuse ourselves?

There’s always blogging, I suppose.

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