POLITICIANS….Do politicians ever learn? Answer: no.

Tom DeLay, apparently barely in control of his rage these days, decided to get the feds involved in tracking down those Texas state legislators who fled the state last week. That’s bad, but let’s face it: it’s not really that bad. When asked about it, he could have just shrugged, fessed up, promised a full investigation or something, and it all would have blown over.

But no. Instead, he seems to have gone into full blown coverup mode. The Texas cops have already shredded their records under ridiculous pretenses, and Tom Ridge is now refusing to hand over his records. So instead of risking a bit of late night talk show derision, he’s now awakening the slumbering giants of the press corps, some of whom will shortly begin to see Pulitzers dancing in front of their heads and head off to harry the Majority Leader, yea until the ink runs dry in the presses and the pixels on our screens die from overuse.

Josh Marshall has the latest, of course. Since I don’t like DeLay I guess I think this is all just fine, but even so it’s slightly painful watching yet another of these train wrecks unfold.

Of course, it’s still not too late to confess. If DeLay has even a shred of political intelligence peeking through the fog of arrogance and fury currently controlling him, that’s what he’ll do. Pronto.