THE ROADMAP….Arial Sharon has accepted the Middle East “roadmap.” Grudgingly. George Bush explains why:

Sharon “accepted it because I assured him that the United States is committed to Israel’s security, and that since we’re committed to Israel’s security, as we move forward we will address any concerns that might arise regarding Israel’s security,” Bush said during a news conference at his Texas ranch.

God knows I have precious little sympathy for Palestinian suicide bombers and the intifada, but it’s stuff like this that gives me precious little sympathy for Ariel Sharon too.

He accepted only because George Bush personally assured him that we are “committed” to Israel’s security? Did he have any doubts? The United States has been the firmest ally any country could hope to have for the past half century, and George Bush has probably been the firmest ally of them all. Why on earth does he need to reassure Sharon of this fact?

If the president of France had expressed similar doubts, conservatives would be howling about the disrespect he was showing toward both our president and our faithfulness as an ally. So why do we put up with this kind of crap from the prime minister of Israel?

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