HISTORICAL FAVORITES….Back in December I asked, “If you could choose to be anybody during any historical period, who would you be?” I was talking about a general profession, not a specific person, and my choice was a quantum physicist in Europe around 1920.

Today, Invisible Adjunct asks, “If you could travel back to any time and place of your choosing, where would you go and with whom would you like to have dinner?” That’s a rather different question, isn’t it? Being a quantum physicist in 1920, I think, would be tremendously exciting as a profession, but I’m not sure that having dinner with Werner Heisenberg would be all that illuminating.

Unfortunately, Invisible Adjunct doesn’t tell us her choice! Come on, IA, let’s hear it!

And my choice? I dunno. I’m a big Isaac Newton fan, but all indications are that he was a piss poor dinner companion, even using the term loosely. Thomas Jefferson? Better. Shakespeare? Couldn’t really go wrong there, and Elizabethan England would sure be a fun era. I guess I’d have to think about this some more, but I suppose when it was all said and done I’d probably choose the oldest chestnut of them all: a few days with Jesus back around 30 AD or so to find out what he really said.

How about you?

POSTSCRIPT: IA also says this: “If I were a professional historian, I suppose I would blush with shame to acknowledge any interest in such a trifle….” Why? Are historians really such a dull bunch that they never play such games? How dismal.

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