PASSION….Mary Lynn F. Jones has an article in The American Prospect today that compares Nancy Pelosi’s style to that of Robert Byrd in recent interviews about national security. Here’s the careful and restrained Pelosi:

People have lost their lives. I would not want to leave the impression that because we have not found weapons of mass destruction, it was not a worthy sacrifice. So, I don’t place a high premium on it.

And here’s the call-a-spade-a-spade Byrd:

What new worlds do they want to conquer now? We went through Iraq like a dose of salts. We were told by this president that Saddam Hussein constituted an imminent threat to our security. Bunk! That man couldn’t even get a plane off the ground!

I’m not quite sure what to think about this. Passion is surely a good thing, but on the other hand William Jennings Bryant had plenty of passion and he lost three presidential races in a row. Hmmm….

But in any case, it’s a thought provoking (and short) article. Go read it.

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