PASTA SAUCE….I went to the store to buy some pasta sauce last night, and as I was staring at the choices I actually looked at the prices for the first time. Wow! I felt like George Bush Sr. confronted with a barcode reader.

Anyway, it turns out that the most expensive jar of sauce was $15, approximately 5x the $3.29 price of most of the bog standard brands. This brand was called, appropriately, “Probably the World’s Most Expensive Pasta Sauce,” and is explained thusly:

For years my friends and family have said, “You’ve GOT to put this sauce in a bottle”. Knowing the amount of time it takes and the cost of ingredients, my answer has always been, “I can’t because it would be probably the world’s most expensive.?” Then the light went on. Why not give people the choice to buy something unlike anything else on the shelves. A sauce that I promise will be the very best you’ve ever bought.

I guess I hardly need to add that it’s thinking like this that was behind 99% of failed dotcoms in the 90s.

Anyway, I bought a $3.29 jar of Classico, a package of Italian sausage, and some mushrooms instead. Half the price, and undoubtedly far superior.

UPDATE: Jeanne has my back on this. Unfortunately, I’m a culinary cretin who can shove pretty much anything down my gullet and barely notice the difference. But maybe I can get Marian interested in trying some homemade sauce….

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