CLIMATE CHANGE….I just watched an ABC News segment about the current heat wave in Europe: train tracks are buckling, the London Underground is unbearable, there are forest fires in Portugal, etc. The report ended with the following:

The question is, will this become the norm?

You know, I’m a considerable critic of conservatives who seem to think that if they just ignore the evidence regarding global warming that it will somehow magically go away, but stuff like this is an equally dumb counterpoint. It’s too bad that serious policy issues have to be reduced to idiotic soundbites like this.

POSTSCRIPT: What is it about European heat waves, anyway? I’ve suffered through California summers all my life (usually two or three 100-degree spells per year), not to mention summers in Chicago, Arizona, New York, etc. But the most miserable times I’ve ever had have been heat waves in France and Germany. I suppose it must be the general lack of air conditioning, which means you never escape from it, but it sure feels like it’s something more than that.

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