VOTING FOR GOVERNOR….Yes, I know, as a good Democrat I should vote against the recall. And maybe I will. Instead, I have a deal for all the (serious) candidates:

If any of you actually has the guts to propose a serious and mathematically plausible plan that balances the California budget, I will vote to recall Davis and then vote for you.

“Serious,” by the way, excludes the following:

  • Anything that lowers our credit rating to the point where even Michael Milkin would be embarrassed to buy California state bonds.

  • Raising the cigarette tax to $100 a pack.

  • Eliminating all K-3 schooling.

  • Pretending that there is $38 billion worth of “waste” that can be magically hacked away.

  • Anything that involves children donating the quarters they get from the tooth fairy.

There you have it. Propose a solution, and you get both my vote and the valuable endorsement of the Calpundit blog.

On the off chance that more than one candidate does this, I will be forced to go through the dreary process of examining their plans and deciding which one I like better. However, I doubt very much that it will come down to that.

UPDATE: Michael Hiltzik’s recall column in the LA Times today is pretty entertaining. Favorite line:

To believe that it would mean a significant improvement in state governance to replace Gray Davis with Bill Simon is like thinking that if Moe can’t handle a job, the answer is to bring in Larry or Curly.

The column is a little hard to read since the Times website has inexplicably removed all the paragraph breaks, but it’s worth plowing through anyway.

UPDATE 2: Arnold says he’s going to present a detailed plan for dealing with “these kinds of problems” real soon. Hopefully it will be a detailed plan for dealing with our actual problem, not merely our “kind” of problem. In any case, I shall be waiting with bated breath.

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