YET ANOTHER DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE?….Via Pandagon, the Boston Globe is reporting that Wesley Clark is getting ready to run for the presidency:

Clark, who has never held elective office, increasingly sounds like a candidate, mixing bristling attacks on President Bush’s Iraq policy with criticism of the nation’s growing budget deficit. Last week, volunteers said, he sent word to supporters to “crank up” their efforts, while he confers with his family before making a final decision.

….Clark has begun to showcase his political instincts. Last week, in an interview with National Public Radio, he called Bush’s decision to invade Iraq without international support “one of the greatest strategic blunders the American government has made since the end of the Cold War.”

He has also moved beyond the realm of national security. Speaking on CNN, he recently blasted the Bush tax cuts, saying the growing deficit means “that the federal government can’t do the kinds of things for America that Americans expect it to do. . . . That’s things like taking care of our retirement security and Social Security.”

….”We are preparing for what we think is going to be a campaign starting around Labor Day,” said Susan Putney, the volunteer director in New Hampshire of the Draft Clark Campaign.

His book is next on my reading list. I’m curious to see what it reveals about Clark both as a general and as a person.