WOULD YOU LIKE A PUPPY TO GO WITH YOUR KITTEN, MR. McGUINTY?….A reader writes: “You think the California election is crazy. You have nothing on the Premier of Ontario….” Alas, he’s right, as the Globe and Mail informs us:

The increasingly bitter tone of the Ontario campaign took a surreal turn Friday when a press release from the Tory election machine labelled Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty a pet-eating alien.

A pet-eating alien? Surely this is taken out of context? Here’s the press release so you can decide for yourself:

There came a fork in “the high road.” The Liberals took it.

[Several quotes of Liberals criticizing Conservatives follow.]

These jolly, positive, “Who-me-fear-monger?” pronouncements beg a simple question:

“Who really speaks for the Ontario Liberal Party?

Dalton McGuinty. He’s an evil reptilian kitten eater from another planet. (sorry)

Conservative Leader Ernie Eves declined to apologize, saying only that one of his staffers apparently has a “weird sense of humor.”

Your move, Gray.

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