THE LIBRARIANS GO TO COURT….Did you know that libraries have to pay for the right to use the Dewey Decimal System? (Yes, yes, I know that all you librarians out there knew it. But how about the rest of you?) But what if you aren’t a library?

The nonprofit library cooperative that owns the Dewey Decimal System has filed suit against a library-themed luxury hotel in Manhattan, claiming trademark infringement.

The Library Hotel, which overlooks the New York Public Library, is divided according to the classification system, with each floor dedicated to one of Dewey’s 10 categories.

Room 700.003 includes books on the performing arts, for example, while room 800.001 has a collection of erotic literature.

….The center charges libraries that use the system at least $500 per year.

I think the hotel better either settle or else switch to the Library of Congress cataloging system. Librarians, I hear, can be a pretty rough crowd.

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