TODAY WE LEARN THE MEANING OF “FULL COOPERATION”….Dan Drezner asks the appropriate question today: why doesn’t President Bush seem to be showing any personal interest in the fact that a couple of his staffers leaked the name of a CIA agent?

And Josh Marshall has a long excerpt from this morning’s press briefing. Scott McClellan took heavy enemy fire but manfully defended the position that it would be practically an obstruction of justice for the president to show any concern over this.

Fellow Orange Countian Pejman Yousefzadeh ? who, I should say, represents consensus OC political views a lot better than I do ? says the idea is silly anyway. This isn’t a Perry Mason movie, after all.

But this isn’t the typical kind of Washington leak from someone simply trying to push their own agenda in the press. This is a leak from a couple of Bush’s top aides who were engaged in pushing the White House’s own line. An “officially approved” leak, if you will.

Oh, and it was an illegal leak too, not merely an annoying one. I almost forgot about that.

This is not a needle in a haystack. There are probably fewer than a dozen real suspects, and lying about it will do no good. There are too many people who know the truth.

So how about it, Mr. President? Why have the FBI waste time and energy that should be spent fighting terrorism instead? As a good citizen, why not do your bit and see if you can move the ball a bit on this one?