KEEP IT SIMPLE….Buzzflash interviews David Corn today, who reminds us that there’s a good reason for the “slime and defend” campaign against Joseph Wilson:

The strategic point here — and there is one — is for the GOP’ers to make this scandal look like another one of those nasty partisan mud-wrestles that the public never likes. Turn it into a political controversy, not a criminal one. Then it all comes out blurry and muddy in the wash. (Bad metaphor, I know.) But that is the intent: to fuzzy up the picture and cause people to shrug their shoulders and say, “it’s just politics.”

That’s also the goal of people who pretend that the whole thing is just “too complicated.” Make it look like a “he said, she said” story and eventually everyone nods off because they can’t keep up.

But the story is actually pretty simple. Top White officials blew the identity of an undercover CIA agent, potentially endangering both lives and intelligence operations, solely to gain political payback against a guy who had risen to the top of their enemies list.

That’s not so complicated, is it?

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