BUSH GETS A BLOG….Over at his blog, George Bush says….

Ahem. His blog?

Yes, it’s true. George Bush now has an official campaign blog, complete with nifty logo. The postings are apparently all done by some fellow named GeorgeWBush.com, who tells us that we’ve found loads of WMD in Iraq, the jobs picture is looking good, and President Bush was scheduled to meet with his cabinet yesterday at 10:45 am. Plus we learn that there are 392 days left until Bush gets booted out of the White House the November election. You can also sign up for email InstantNewsALERTS? as well as an official news feed for your website.

Oddly, though, there’s no news about the progress of the investigation into the Plame affair. Just an oversight, I’m sure.

UPDATE: So, anyway, while I was over there I clicked on the tab called “Compassion,” because, really, who puts a tab on their website called “Compassion”? And then I clicked on “Compassion Photos,” because what the heck is a compassion photo?

The “Compassion Photo Gallery” is here, and it turns out that “compassion” is a code word for “black people.” This is where you go if you want pictures of Bush with blacks and Hispanics.

Jeez, I guess I should have known. I note that no such care was taken with the “Homeland Security Photo Gallery” or the “National Security Photo Gallery,” which are pretty much a sea of white faces except for the odd photo of Colin and Condi. Just a coincidence, I suppose.

Someone else will have to look through the other photo galleries. That’s enough for me.

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