STREET SMART….This business about the bugging of Philadelphia mayor John Street’s office is really kind of weird. Today we learn that the FBI wasn’t really going after the mayor himself:

Street, 59, elected mayor in 1999 after 20 years in public service, is a “subject” of a two-year, federal investigation into allegations of public corruption, federal government sources have told CNN, although the focus of the investigation is unclear.

….According to the Justice Department, a “target” is someone whom prosecutors have evidence linking to a crime, while a “subject” is a person whose conduct is within the scope of the investigation.

I’m not sure that really clears things up a lot, so I shall remain confused about the whole affair.

However, I do have one comment: I’m deeply disappointed that the FBI doesn’t have access to bugs that are invisible to sweeps by local cops. Where’s that technological knowhow that we always see in Tom Clancy novels?

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