LUSKIN GOES COMPLETELY OFF THE DEEP END….Unbelievable. Pathological Paul Krugman hater Donald Luskin is threatening to sue Atrios because some of his commenters said nasty things about him. Threatening letter from attorney is here. Followup is here and here. Luskin must be taking lessons in macho-sounding bluster from Bill O’Reilly.

Sorry, Atrios, I’d delink him if I could, but you know how that goes. Will moral support do? And if Luskin actually follows through on this childishness, I’ll be happy to serve as chief fundraiser for your legal defense fund.

Note to NRO: how about it? Are you ready to get rid of Luskin now? If not, what does it take to convince you that you’re providing a soapbox to an unstable lunatic?

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