SALUTING OUR VETERANS….Back on Veterans Day Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan decided to criticize Wesley Clark. Fair enough. If I were going to call a 4-star general who had served his country for 34 years “Ross-Perot crazy” and then impugn his patriotism, that’s the day I’d choose too.

Mark Kleiman takes Glenn on, and Glenn responds with his trademark “But that’s not what I really meant” schtick. Yawn. The maturity and depth of Glenn’s foreign policy views are roughly as weighty as my cats’, so I figure Clark probably doesn’t need my help on this one. Mark has his back anyway.

But as long as I’m typing away, I’ve got a question for Glenn. He says this about opponents of the Iraq war:

The real problem with the Iraq war is that it’s (1) waged by a Republican President; and (2) obviously in the United States’ national interest. To some people, those characteristics are enough to brand it evil.

Now, I’m sure this line gets plenty of applause from the same addlepated fans who also high-fived each other over renaming the French fries in the Capitol cafeteria, but I’m just curious: outside of the ANSWER crowd, can he provide even the slightest evidence for this idea, which he’s repeated too many times to count? Or does he just think it sounds cool?