CONVERSATION WITH A PLUMBER….Scott the plumber was out this morning to fix a couple of things. He had a young assistant with him, and by the tone of his instructions it was pretty obvious that the assistant was very new and very green. I asked Scott about this while he was writing the invoice:

ME: So how long has he been working for you?

SCOTT: Three or four months. He’s a good kid, he comes to work every day.

ME: (Puzzled) That’s all it takes to be a good kid these days? To come to work every day?

SCOTT: Oh yeah. A lot of kids won’t work on Mondays, or else they just don’t show up after you pay them. It’s hard to find someone reliable.

ME: Even for a plumbing job? That’s a good occupation, not a minimum wage kind of job….

SCOTT: Sure, we make good money. Even a brand new kid gets paid $10 an hour.

ME: And even for that it’s hard to find someone who will even show up for work every day?

I have no moral to this story. Just thought I’d share.