VEEPS….I’ve always had the odd thought that presidential candidates ought to choose a running mate early in the election cycle. It would give them twice the campaigning power and could shore up some of their weaknesses early on. They’d campaign as a pair for an entire year rather than just for a few months, and once the convention was over they could pick their top few cabinet officers too and put ’em all together into one big campaign team. By the time they won the election they could really hit the ground running.

Sure, this might not really be feasible. Maybe nobody would want to join up so early, and it also might cut off support from lots of people who are hoping for these positions after the election. But what the hell. It’s a thought.

So anyway, since Howard Dean is in the news tonight, let’s play a Howard Dean parlor game: who should his vice president be if he wins the nomination? (No, not Gore. Don’t be ridiculous.) Among the current presidential candidates, Clark is the obvious choice, followed by Edwards. Outside of that group, how about Bill Richardson?

Any other ideas?

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