DEMONSTRATIONS IN BAGHDAD….Conservative bloggers are up in arms: there was an anti-terrorist demonstration in Baghdad yesterday that attracted about 10,000 people but the U.S. press said almost nothing about it. Here’s Instapundit:

Had these demonstrators been marching on the other side, this would have been a big story instead of the closest thing to a non-story. So why isn’t it a big story when it’s good news? Because they want us to lose?

I got a couple of emails about this too, so I got curious. Did anyone cover it?

This isn’t exhaustive, but after a few minutes of checking the answer is no. The New York Times, LA Times, and Washington Post had nothing (or next to nothing). But neither did the conservative Washington Times. The Guardian didn’t report it, but neither did the conservative Telegraph. Among Mideastern newspapers, it was almost universally ignored too: I found a front page link in the Bahrain Tribune and a picture but no story in the Jordan Times, but nothing else. Even Iraq Today doesn’t have anything up yet. Ditto for the Israeli papers and the Asian papers.

In other words, as near as I can tell, this just isn’t big news. CNN and Fox covered it briefly because demonstrations make for good TV images, but aside from that neither liberal nor conservative news outlets cared much. This isn’t any kind of anti-war bias, it’s just news judgment: there was lots of other news yesterday, some of it Iraq related, that was more important.

Hawks have been working themselves into a lather trying desperately to find good news out of Iraq, but I’ve got news for them: it’s just not going to work. Sure there’s some good news, but the fact is that the bad news is overwhelming it these days. Things just aren’t going well, and burying your head in the sand and chanting “liberal media bias” isn’t going to change that.

Wake up, folks.