A PREVIEW OF 2004….Via Brad DeLong, I came across The Decembrist, a blog written by Mark Schmitt, a former speechwriter and policy director for Senator Bill Bradley. He received an email yesterday that he wants to share with us:

I happened to see a Bush ’04 fundraising e-mail today, from Ken Mehlman, with the heading “Foreign liberal cash used to defeat President Bush!” Most of it is just further innuendo about the Drudge-generated phony scandal around the website, Canadians for Clark.

But there is also one priceless line in the e-mail:

Wesley Clark, who was in Europe when Saddam Hussein was captured, criticized the President this week…

Wow, what was Mr. Clark doing in Europe, when he’s supposed to be an American? Probably judging a Gruyere-tasting contest, or studying up on Swedish land-use planning….

You wouldn’t really know that he was helping bring another evil dictator to justice, would you?

Consider that just a tiny little taste of what the 2004 Republican campaign is going to look like.

Anyway, after I read that post I started scrolling down and there was just one good post after another ? although he’s a little more sympathetic to the whole “radical center” idea than I am. If you like policy wonkish stuff, check him out ? even if he does say that the only blogs he reads are Brad’s and Josh Marshall’s. Can’t fault his taste, really….

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