THE VIRGIN MARY vs. THE CC&Rs….Lots of people complain about homeowners associations. You know, the folks who patrol neighborhoods looking for curtains of the wrong color, garage doors of unapproved designs, unmowed front lawns, and other offenses against common decency. But complain is all we ever do. Until now:

Wielding the powerful hammer of homeowners’ association bylaws, the residents controlling the neighborhood of an 80-year-old Floridian have ordered her to remove a three-foot-tall statue of the Virgin Mary from her front yard.

….”This is an abuse of power,” Dianne Bambu, Agnes’ daughter-in-law, told the Sarasota daily. “The bylaws of a deed-restricted community supersede your right as an American citizen.”

Thank God (so to speak). If we can get the Christian right interested in this, maybe we can finally break the power of the almighty homeowners association. And not a moment too soon.

POSTSCRIPT: I got this story from the fine folks at WorldNet Daily, and I note that, as usual, it’s a very lightly rewritten version of a story from another source.

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