DISTRIBUTED SECURITY….My series of dialogs with Armed Liberal is about to come crashing to a halt. He’s decided to skip points #4 and #5 and go directly to #6:

Sixth, we’re going to develop security mechanisms based on the theory that fine-grained systems that bring information and communications to the existing public safety community, as well as the public at large are better than huge, centralized bureaucratic solutions;

I’ve been wondering what I would say when he got to this one, since I don’t really have any opinions about distributed security systems vs. centralized ones. Basically, my guess is that they both have their place.

So after mulling this over for a week now, I think I’m going to give up. I’m all for beefing up first responders, but aside from that I just don’t have anything intelligent to add. But feel free to read his thoughts and come back here to comment!

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