THE REGULATION PRESIDENT….I really do have a houseguest, and we’re about to go out shopping. We’ve got cigars to buy, humidors to ogle over, memory cards to snap up for our loved ones, chili burgers to eat, and a New Year’s party to shop for.

But while I’m gone go ahead and read this New York Times article about George Bush’s religious experience concerning government regulation and impending elections. I don’t imagine this was the reaction David Sanger intended, but I just ended up snickering through the whole thing:

With mad cow disease suddenly dominating every cable channel and front page, Mr. Bush and a small clutch of his aides staring out at the cattle grazing his ranch knew they had to appear to be taking action.

Indeed. Keeping up appearances is so important in an election year, isn’t it? It seems to have rather the same effect on Karl Rove that a firing squad has on ordinary people.

And now I’m off. The economy beckons.

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