THE PEOPLE SPEAK….I was reading this morning about a guy who’s trying to get an initiative on the ballot that would require the state to buy Bibles for all K-12 students ? strictly for its literary value, of course ? and I got curious about the wording of the initiative. So I hopped over to the Secretary of State’s website to see if it was there.

It was, and I read it (the author is apparently under the impression that reading the Bible is useful for the study of science, among other things), but then I noticed all the other initiatives that are circulating. Like the Bible initiative, they mostly have no chance of getting on the ballot, but it’s a remarkably motley assortment anyway.

Tax fighter Tom McClintock wants to eliminate the vehicle license fee altogether, and if that doesn’t work he’s got another initiative to reduce the fee to $1. Lee Olsen wants to ban special treatment of gays. Casey Peters wants us to be able to rank order candidates in elections. Steve Mozena wants state agencies to post “every check, credit card or cash transaction” on its website daily.

We also have petitions circulating that would require parental notification of abortions, establish a state funded system of unregulated private schools, raise the income tax on millionaires by 1%, fund stem cell research, repeal all gun control legislation, a “home rule” inititiative that prevents the state from redistributing property tax revenue (darn, I was hoping it would require us to secede from the union or something), and an initiative that docks legislators’ pay anytime they don’t vote on a bill.

Fun stuff. Welcome to California.