DIRTY TRICKS….Via Atrios, the Boston Globe has more about Republican pilfering of Democratic memos:

Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Commitee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe.

….As the extent to which Democratic communications were monitored came into sharper focus, Republicans yesterday offered a new defense. They said that in the summer of 2002, their computer technician informed his Democratic counterpart of the glitch, but Democrats did nothing to fix the problem.

Other staffers, however, denied that the Democrats were told anything about it before November 2003.

So they read hundreds of memos over the course of a year and their defense is that they supposedly warned the Democrats they could do this? That’s pathetic.

And even if it’s true, try this on for size instead: “My window cleaner told your gardener a year ago that you had a loose window in your backyard. You didn’t do anything about it, so we figured it was OK to sneak in and take your stuff.”

Don’t you just love those law-and-order Republicans? And when do we learn just what this “glitch” was, anyway?