FROM THE MAILBAG….I don’t usually print crank email, but every once in a while I get one too good not to share:

From: xxx
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2004 7:42 PM
Subject: Melicious Rumors About Our President

Dear Mr. Cal:

I want to be very clear about these incredibbly melicious rumors that are sweeping the country like a bad cold or flew. I cannot beleive that any Americans are so Un-Patriotic to repeat them, and they are giving AID AND COMFORT to out enemies around the world. The latest rumor is President Bush was told to leave the Texas Air National Guard and to get treated for alcohol problems and that they would not let him fly until he was treated. This is just entirly and completley untrue. He did not have no drinking problem then and he does not have one now. And he never flied any jets after he was drinking. It is outrageis for this kind of compleet BULL…T to repeeted by your stupid pathetic outfit and also by newspapers!

ALL YOU FRENCH loving assholes who repeat this lies are hurting our country. You should all move to Frnace where you belong.

Ted R
A Loyal American

So noted.