NATIONAL GUARD ROUNDUP….In typical sloppy blog style, I won’t have much on this today. I’m spending the day in Los Angeles with my mother and I’ve only had time to quickly skim the stories about the White House document dump last night. As near as I can tell, the document collection seems to cover mostly 1968-1971 and is rather more skimpy than you’d think it should be, but you can read the first takes from the mainstream media in the Washington Post and CNN and decide for yourself. (The Post also has a few graphics here.)

In the meantime, I know that yesterday I promised I was going to have a followup on the story of Bill Burkett, the guy who says that Bush’s Texas records were “cleansed” back in 1997, but it took me longer to put everything together than I thought it would. Sorry about that. However, the material I’ve gathered turns out to be quite interesting and should be worth the wait. Bottom line is that Burkett’s story is looking pretty credible. I’ll have the whole thing up tomorrow night, complete with the full text of the interviews I did, and you can judge for yourself.

Finally, remember Bill Calhoun, the guy who came forward yesterday saying that not only does he remember Bush pulling duty in Alabama, but that he pulled duty mostly by sitting in Calhoun’s office all day? Does this sound to you like a guy who’s trying a little too hard to make his story sound good? Me too. Billmon has the definitive take.

In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!