THE REAL AL GORE….Eric Slater has an interesting profile of Al Gore in the LA Times today:

What has gone mostly unnoticed, however, is a change in the man’s voice. It is often now that of an unapologetic populist ? more like that of his father, the late Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore; more like it was when the younger Gore won a House seat in the 1970s, before his failed 1988 bid for the White House and before he followed Bill Clinton up the center of the party’s ideological spectrum to the vice presidency in 1992.

His Boise speech offered vintage examples of his ramped-up rhetoric. “The right wing…has now intimidated the formerly moderate Republicans,” Gore told the crowd. “The right wing has taken over the Republican Party….In order to win their victories, the right wing relies on the politics of fear…and the repetition of big lies.”

Sounds like he’s been taking lessons from the liberal blogosphere. Perhaps Gore and Howard Dean will fill the attack dog role usually played by the vice presidential candidate this year.