HEARTBREAKING….From the Sydney Morning Herald this morning:

Israel will try to kill the entire Hamas leadership, striking whenever an opportunity presents itself, a security official said today.

The decision was made secretly by the Israeli Cabinet last week, in response to a double suicide bombing at an Israeli seaport, the official said on condition of anonymity.

….Israel will not wait for the next Hamas attack to take action, but strike whenever an opportunity presents itself, he said.

I don’t generally write much about Israel, but I guess I’ll join the chorus wondering not if this is justifiable, but if it’s wise. If merely killing all the terrorists were really a way of ending terrorism, I might not have a problem with it. But it really doesn’t seem likely to work unless you’re willing to annihilate the entire population along with it.

And while I know this is banal, it’s just indescribably sad to see this happening. The future of Israel now appears to be that of a state hiding behind a wall and showing its face only to launch occasional massive strikes against its enemies, while the future of the Palestinians is to fester rancorously outside and plot ever more inventive ways of destroying its own youth and killing innocent civilians in a vain hope that this will somehow force the Israelis to give up.

The Bush administration finds this “troubling.” So do I.