YET MORE 9/11 NONSENSE….The Kabuki dance continues. In another painfully clumsy effort to keep trying to convince everyone that al-Qaeda was Job 1 in the Bush administration prior to 9/11, they have declassified the action plan that was in place and ready for Bush’s signature when the Twin Towers were hit:

The so-called National Security Presidential Directive envisioned the military action as the last step of a three-to-five year plan. It called for two earlier steps ? a diplomatic mission to the Taliban and covert action ? and envisioned military strikes only as a last resort.

In other words, pretty much what Clinton was doing ? or maybe a bit less. Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, since Bush’s conciliatory attitude toward the Taliban during his first few months in office is already common knowledge.

Elsewhere in the same story, the administration has decided to withhold from the 9/11 commission 75% of the papers collected from Bill Clinton’s archives related to terrorism and al-Qaeda. The official line is that they’re, um, duplicates, or, um, something. Don’t worry, though, it’ll all get sorted out. And of course this is completely unrelated to the possibility that those papers would demonstrate that Clinton really was on the ball when it came to fighting terrorism. What makes you think such a thing?

Question: if they have nothing to hide, why is their first instinct in practically every case to look as guilty as possible? Either (a) they really are guilty or (b) they’re insane. Take your pick.

UPDATE: My critics are right. The “conciliatory attitude” crack about the Taliban was a cheap shot. The money Scheer is talking about in the linked article was humanitarian aid delivered through the UN.

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