LOW PRIORITY?….It seems no one has bothered to activate the .iq domain for Iraq. As in, say, www.thingsaregoinggreatiniraq.iq.

But Afghanistan is up and running!

UPDATE: This is old, but here’s what The Register wrote about Iraq’s top level domain a year ago:

The .iq domain is currently run an individual ? a man called Saud Alani who gives a Baghdad telephone number yet is based in George Bush’s home state of Texas. His company “the Alani corporation” is part of a group of companies all run from the same address in Richardson, Texas, including InfoCom and Valnet. All of these companies ? and the .iq domain ? have as their technical contact and/or owner one Bayan Elashi. Unfortunately, Mr Elashi is in federal custory in Seagoville jail, Texas, awaiting trial for allegedly funding anti-Israeli group Hamas. If found guilty he faces a crippling fine and most of the rest of his life in jail.

The rest of the article has much more background on this fascinating subject.