4%….This year, about 50% of the voting age population will vote in the presidential election.

However, only 30% of the population lives in contested states.

And according to the latest New York Times poll, only 25% of the people they surveyed are still undecided about who they’re going to vote for.

Do the arithmetic and that adds up to 4% of the electorate. Everything you see for the next six months from George Bush and John Kerry ? every ad, every dollar, every speech, every prerecorded telephone call ? is aimed at trying to convert about 4% of the total voting age population. The other 96% of us are basically spectators ? either we’re not going to vote, we live in states that are foregone conclusions, or we’ve already made up our minds.

Do you know anyone who’s part of the 4%? If you do, get to work on them.

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