GETTING TO THE TRUTH….Jonah Goldberg seems to be about the only person over at The Corner who’s even bothering to post about the Abu Ghraib scandal, so I almost hate to pick on him. Unfortunately, he says this:

Whoever leaked these pictures to the press was not doing anybody any favors. Since the case was already being handled, the release of these pictures did more harm than good. I don’t blame 60 Minutes for running them — though I don’t applaud them either. But a person would/could be morally obligated to leak these pictures if the army was covering it up or refusing to investigate. It doesn’t sound like that was the case. So releasing the photos isn’t prodding the government to do the right thing, it’s encouraging millions of Arabs to hate us. That’s not whistle-blowing, that’s sabotage.

It’s true that the Army was already investigating, and Seymour Hersh’s summary of their investigation makes it clear that it was fairly exhaustive. But I think Jonah is rather jumping the gun in suggesting that no further prodding was needed because the government was already doing the right thing.

On the contrary, so far the military has been eager to portray this as an “isolated” incident involving only a few enlisted reservists. But even though they’ve known about these events since January, there’s no indication yet of any action taken against the officers involved, the intelligence personnel who apparently condoned it, or the civilian contractors who participated. If we actually want to get to the bottom of this, I suspect a little prodding was just what was needed.