PROPAGANDA NOT ALLOWED….Have you seen those ads on TV extolling the virtues of the new Medicare enhancements that were passed last year? They’re such thinly disguised campaign commercials that they piss me off every time I see one.

Unfortunately, they’re still running, but at least we’re getting some vindication over those fake “Karen Ryan reporting” news videos that ran a while back:

The General Accounting Office, an investigative arm of Congress, said on Wednesday that the Bush administration had violated federal law by producing and disseminating television news segments that portray the new Medicare law as a boon to the elderly.

….The General Accounting Office said that a specific part of the videos, a made-for-television “story package,” violated the prohibition on using taxpayer money for propaganda.

Sadly, it’s only a moral victory: “Medicare officials are unlikely to face any penalties,” sayeth the Times. Sigh.