CLINTON TALKS ABOUT THE PRESS….Remember that Drudge item a few days about Bill Clinton “losing it” on a BBC interview show? Well, I just watched the interview, and if this counts as “losing it,” I wish a few more people would lose it once in a while.

After nearly 20 minutes of badgering about Monica in a 40-minute interview ? and with no end in sight ? Clinton unloads about Ken Starr and the press-assisted witch hunt:

One of the reasons he got away with it is because people like you only ask people like me the questions. You gave him a complete free ride. Any abuse they wanted to do, they indicted all these little people from Arkansas, what did you care about them, they?re not famous, who cares that their lives were trampled. Who cares if their children were humiliated?

It gets even better after that. The video is here, and you should definitely watch it. The interview starts at the 12:00 mark. The rant starts at about the 28:30 mark if you want to go straight to it.

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