NOODLING….I’m going to break the Prime Directive of Blogging and write a post about two completely unrelated topics. There’s no special reason for this, I just happen to have a couple of things I’ve been noodling about and they aren’t really worth separate posts:

  • Is it possible that Bush played the gay marriage amendment issue perfectly? Maybe. By making a few phone calls and a radio speech he was able to look like a hero to his social neanderthal base, but by otherwise paying little attention to it (and getting it off the agenda quickly) he doesn’t look too scary to moderate Republicans. Overall, he probably played this pretty well.

  • War supporters insist that John Kerry can’t be trusted with our post-9/11 foreign policy. But I’m a little puzzled about exactly what it is that they’re afraid he won’t do.

    It’s true that Kerry would not have gone to war with Iraq, and that’s certainly a big difference between him and Bush. But does anyone think there are any more wars coming up in the near future?

    If not, what are the hawks afraid of? What do they think Kerry will be too wimpy to do? Or is it that they do have a war in mind that they’re afraid Kerry might not start? If so, I think we’d all like to hear about it.

Noodling now over.

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