INVADE IRAN?….The 9/11 commission is expected to release a report next week indicating that Iran has substantial connections with al-Qaeda. Glenn Reynolds comments:

Will those who said that it was wrong to invade Iraq because there wasn’t enough evidence of such a connection now weigh in in favor of invading Iran?

Let’s turn that around. In Iran we have a country that (a) has clear connections with al-Qaeda and apparently even with 9/11, (b) has a genuine and well advanced WMD program, (c) supports terrorist groups like Hezbollah far more than Iraq ever did, (d) has fought wars against its neighbors, (e) is a medieval theocracy, and (f) is determinedly hostile toward the United States.

Question: that’s a much more convincing case than we had against Iraq, so should we invade Iran and attempt to install a democratic government in Tehran? If not, why not? After all, those student protests don’t seem to be making much progress.

I vote no. How about getting everyone else on the record?

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