ANDREW TOBIAS….From Andrew Tobias today:

In October of 2000, voters were asked whether they were ?unusually excited? about the upcoming election. And now, in 2004, they’ve been asked again: Are they unusually excited about THIS upcoming election?

Among Republicans, the number is up ? 51% are ?unusually excited? versus 48% last time.

Among Democrats, the number is up from 36% to 68%.

That is not a typo.

I should link to Tobias more often. Hell, I should read Tobias more often. I’ve been a fan of his for quite a while, and his daily column is a pretty interesting read. It’s not 100% about politics, but lately it’s been about 90% politics, and since he doesn’t hang around the usual blog circles that I do he picks up on some things I don’t see elsewhere.

You can find his site at

UPDATE: Several people are wondering what Tobias’ source for this is. Unfortunately he doesn’t say. But I bet that if you email him he’ll explain.