GEORGE’S GESTURES….This is probably old news by now ? it’s one of the drawbacks of blogging from the Pacific time zone ? but the DNC has a quickie video up on its site that showcases all of George Bush’s off camera grimaces and eye rolling during the debate. Go take a look. It’s only about a minute long.

It’s worth nothing that this was different from Al Gore’s infamous sighing in 2000. Gore’s performance was quite obviously that: a performance. He made a conscious decision that this was a good way to get across the idea that Bush was a dimwit. Conversely, Bush’s gestures this year seemed entirely genuine.

What does it mean? The sense I got from Bush’s weird inability to control himself wasn’t so much that he was bored or annoyed ? although he was obviously irked during some of his responses ? but that he just can’t stand to wait around while someone else has the stage. He’s the guy in charge, and people are supposed to listen to him, not the other way around.

At least, that’s how it struck me. Your mileage may vary.

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