LOUSY JOB NUMBERS….It looks like there isn’t going to be a last-minute reprieve for President Bush. The September job figures are out, and only 96,000 jobs were created, far fewer than the 150,000 needed just to stay even:

“I wouldn’t want to be in President Bush’s shoes,” Ken Mayland of ClearView Economics told the Associated Press. “He had better prepare himself for an onslaught….The reality is that a 96,000 increase in a work force of a 131 million base is an anemic rise, and is in no way a satisfactory increase.”

Labor Secretary Elaine Chao ? apparently with a straight face ? tried to blame the lousy numbers on hurricanes in Florida. I really hope that Bush tries this excuse in tonight’s debate. I really do.

UPDATE: Max has more. The Household Survey showed a loss of 200,000 jobs…..

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