STAYING ON MESSAGE….Are you curious about what the Kerry campaign talking points are supposed to be over the weekend? Me neither. But via email, here they are anyway:

  • We are confident that John Kerry will be elected the next President of the United States on Election Day.

  • We believe Americans will turn out next Tuesday in historic numbers ? and America is best when every American votes.

  • A record number ? millions of Americans ? have already voted successfully, either in person or by mail. This process has gone extremely well. People are excited and enthusiasm is high.

  • The largest GOTV effort in Democratic Party history is reaching out to neighbors and friends ? more than 100,000 volunteers door knocking and making phone calls to encourage voting.

  • Our goal on Election Day is ensuring that every single eligible American gets to vote and that their ballot is counted. We are working to promote and protect the vote with a message of hope and empowerment.

  • We expect that Election Day will run smoothly. There will be election rights attorneys at precincts around the nation to help eligible voters know their rights and participate in our democracy. We are doing everything we can to make voting accessible and easy for eligible voters. That?s the American way.

  • And we expect to know who our President is on election night.

  • The Republicans have a different approach. They are hoping for a low turnout election. They want to discourage voting. They want people to believe that Election Day will be chaotic.

  • They apparently have more confidence in elections in Afghanistan and Iraq than they do in the United States. We don?t think we should be talking down the American democratic process.

  • We are proud to be the party that encourages voting and is working to ensure that Election Day comes off without a hitch. That?s what the American people expect.

There you have it. Expect to hear these points almost verbatim on every news show in the galaxy over the next couple of days.

And how about the Republicans? Does anyone have their canned talking points available for our perusal?