BUSH UNLEASHED?….I half agree with Matt Yglesias:

I would caution anyone against deluding themselves into believing that a second Bush term won’t be so bad. With a majority of the popular vote and expanded margins in the House and Senate, we’re going to see Bush Unleashed ? something that will probably be much crazier than what we’ve seen over the past four years.

Actually, I guess I completely agree, but with a caveat. George Bush is going to try to unleash a radical second term agenda, and he might even succeed at passing a bit of it ? although I’m not sure I’d put money on it. After all, tax cuts are relatively easy and 9/11 made Iraq possible, but the rest of his agenda is going to be a lot harder. Like Newt Gingrich four years ago, I suspect he’s going to find out that he doesn’t quite have the mandate for radical conservatism that he thinks he does.

Of course, it’s up to us to make sure he finds that out.